The Identity Column

The Identity Column

The Identity Column in Lexer Engage allows you to quickly find and interrogate key insights about the person behind the post.


Below are several features of the column.


This quick snapshot of the Identity includes:

Persona: A list of key terms which describe them at a glance

Tribe: Any Tribes they have been organised into in Lexer Identify, where Tribes denote a group of Identities with shared attributes, ie. People Interested in NRL, Customers, Prospects etc.

Pinned Attributes: Attributes about an Identity which your team have highlighted as important, ie. their Customer Reference Number, Prospect status or Interest in a particular area.



Each Identity is resolved into live, constantly updated attributes which tell stories about their consumerism, life-stage, behaviour, attitudes and demographics.

They help us understand what makes people tick and what makes them click. 



The Identity’s recent posts on social media.

Find out what matters most to them this second and the stories they are telling about topics close to your brand.



A timeline of attributes created on an Identity, as well as any notes your team have left about them.


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This simple, beautiful panel is transforming the way our clients deliver genuine engagement in social customer service.

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