Snow Time

Snow Time

Recently, the Lexer crew hit the slopes at Falls Creek for some thrills and more than a few spills.

Emerging with bones and dignity intact, the team limbered up for the real athletic test of the day: a night of trivia at the Frying Pan Inn.

The trivia snowdown

Here at Lexer, knowledge of obscure facts is part of the very fabric of our office culture.

The team had put in a very solid pre-season of training, with 3pm coffee & trivia an absolute office institution. On the night, our passion for Lord of the Rings genealogy and obscure Australian film soundtracks was converted into momentous scoreboard pressure. With pen in hand, brains engaged, and a few beverages consumed, we triumphantly emerged as trivia champions. The slopes echoed with our cheers of victory as we were handed our well-earned first prize — a bar tab voucher.


Trivia Winners!


Lexer works together and plays together.

We hold back laughter when a team member takes a tumble in the snow. We laugh hysterically with them when they come up for air.

We celebrate our successes as a formidable trivia team.

We celebrate our wins as an organisation.

And we celebrate our joy at being part of Lexer, an amazing place to work.