Lexer were thrilled to speak on the role of Human Analytics in Fan Engagement at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference in Melbourne.

As Australia’s leading sporting codes look to embrace a data-first operating culture, the conference was an incredible forum for us to share our story with some of the industry’s most influential and disruptive thinkers.

Conference highlights included talks by Ray Gunston, General Manager, Finance, Corporate and Major Projects at the AFL, Finn Bradshaw, Head of Digital at Cricket Australia and Jeremy Loeliger, General Manager of Australia’s National Basketball League.

Celebrating Super Fans

Lexer’s contribution covered the commercial importance of leveraging data and analytics to understand fans better, improve their customer experience and increase return for sponsors.

When it comes to fans, clubs and codes know a lot about a little.

While clubs are able to find and interrogate membership details within their CRM, they know little about a fan outside of their place in a database.

With the help of Human Analytics, data solutions that seek to get to the heart of the person behind the points, clubs can expand their view of each fan based on insights about behaviour, relationships, influence, life-stage, attitudes and demographics.

Human Data

Here at Lexer, these insights are contained within Lexer Identities, enriched profiles of customers and prospects made available to our clients through Lexer Identify.

To showcase this feature, at the end of our speech, we asked the audience to request to view their Identities.
Actually, you can too by hitting us up at @camplexer.

Conferences like these prove that a new future is being created for the exciting collision of data and sport.
And we are thrilled to be apart of it.

To find out more about how we’re helping companies deliver a data-first operating culture, connect with us at hello@lexer.io – we’ll reply quick-smart.