One big decision

One big decision


Is my first day at Lexer.

Guess what?

Leaving a large corporate where you have successfully built a career and personal brand for 10 years is a big decision.

In making the decision, culture was a huge selling point. The culture at Lexer is well defined and most easily described through the values and behaviours of the team.


Everyone is equal

On most mornings you will find the Founder stationed at a full sized barista style coffee machine making coffees for the development team during their morning stand up.

Sense of family

The CFO (chief food officer) on our first meeting gave me a bottle of homemade apricot and plum chutney made from fruit picked from another team member’s family farm.

Have fun

The most recent addition to our Melbourne office is a meat smoker, because nothing brings people closer together than ribs.


Anything that is produced whether it be a proposal, presentation or even a pamphlet, is polished because it reflects on everyone.

Creative and collaborative

As an avid homebrewer, one of my first projects will be to bring a group together to design our first Lexer beer that reflects the tastes of the group.

A great decision

Seeing culture play out so clearly in the actions of people makes me know I have made a great decision. If you are interested in finding out more about life at Lexer, feel free to contact me. You can also check out our current vacancies here.