The philosophical theory of Personal Solipsism is a famous argument whereby the world is created by one mind, your mind, and when you cease to exist, it does too.

It’s a fairly difficult one to disprove, as the only mind we can really guarantee exists is our own- what Descartes intones in his famous phrase, “I think, therefore I am”.

While logically sound, its practical application is pretty egotistical. Ignoring the existence of other sentient human beings is not a great quality in a dinner guest, and an even worse one in a packed train carriage.



Why then does Personal Solipsism characterise the way many brands handle CRM data?


CRM data is updated only when a brand has a new interaction with a customer. When the brand interaction stops, the process of learning about the customer stops too.

This is a bit ridiculous, as CRM data is the very information that is supposed to facilitate meaningful interactions with living, breathing customers leading rich inner lives of financial sentience.

Enter Lexer Identify

Pondering this philosophical conundrum in a Star Wars tshirt/turtle neck over a long black, we created Lexer Identify.

Powered by the Lexer Enrichment Platform, Lexer Identify unifies client CRM data with over 400m public and partner data sources.

In other words, Lexer Identify unifies existing CRM data with insights from publicly available sources. For example, existing info on a customer’s age or location is enhanced by things they share on Twitter, or stats on the suburb they live in.

Citizen Relationship Management

Brands can now track the way their customers interact with and tell stories about the world around them, and use these insights to shape customer-centric marketing strategies.

This is why we look toward refiguring the definition of Customer Relationship Marketing to what we call Citizen Relationship Management.

Same abbreviation, profoundly different meaning; addressing the fact that for most companies every citizen was, is or could be a customer.


It’s difficult to connect with other people if your CRM strategy accidentally implies they don’t really exist.

Lexer Identify is helping our clients understand their customers and establish meaningful, enduring relationships.

Personal Solipsism: don’t try it at home, at work, on a date or in a CRM strategy.