Listen in

Listen in


To a negative audience can be hard work. Our clients at one of Australia’s largest insurers know this all too well after a season of rough weather. Trying to detect the risks in a sea of complaints is worse than looking for a needle in a field of haystacks.


Our clients are effective users of Lexer Listen, so when a community protest was planned following a perceived wrong doing by our client, they were prepared.


When the communications team of one of Australia’s largest insurers receives a report about a planned protest outside their office, alarm bells start ringing. And as anyone with experience in crisis communications will tell you, managing your reputation in a crisis has two components: listening and actually hearing the issues being raised, and being human in how you respond to them.


The communications team were prepared thanks to advance warning from Lexer Listen. When the team first detected the planned protest, they swung into action and began implementing their crisis plan. The right people up the chain were notified; the front desk staff were informed about the planned protest; and all staff in the building (and in remote offices!) were given a brief of the issue. They even performed crisis checklist rehearsals, just in case.

Preparation paid off

The planned protest happened, and it was peacefully managed due in part to the preparation by the communications team. Most importantly, the issues at the heart of the protest were heard and understood by the business, allowing them to do what we all need to do in a crisis: respond as humans.