Lexer Xertification

Lexer Xertification


We launched a Lexer certification program.

It’s called Xertification (pronounced Sir-tifick-aeshon).

We’ve introduced Xertification to ensure that all users of our product are sufficiently informed and skilled to use the products in our Action Cloud.


Xertification is a qualification that is mandatory for all users of our products.

Our clients, all-timers and some-timers are required to complete Xertification.

The exam is in five parts:

Brand: What do we know about the client’s brand? When was it founded? Who is the CEO? What’s their stock ticker? Where are their offices? What’s their tone of voice? What’s their current advertising strapline?
Category: What do we know about the client’s category? How does the government regulate their industry? Who are the industry bodies? What are common issues within the category? What are similar brands worldwide doing? What are our client’s competitors doing?
Platform: How do Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram work? What are the limitations? What toolset is underutilised? What are their businesses doing? What types of actions can be performed?
Product: How do Lexer Engage, Listen, Command, and Identify work? Where does the data come from? What is a tier filter? What are the common mistakes in Boolean?
Language: English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Who are Strunk & White? What’s the difference between there and their? And most importantly — what do ROFL, IMHO and 1337 mean?

Don’t worry, there are runsheets, rehearsals, and pre-training before the big day.

Once they’ve passed our exam, the Xertified Users are licensed to drive our products.

How does it work?

All applicants are required to study the five disciplines above.

And because we love gaming, we’ve introduced rankings of Xertification.

There are four:

 1. Rockstar: You get it. Top marks.
 2. Roadie: You’re almost there. You might know the brand, but maybe your category knowledge let you down.
 3. Groupie: You’re on your way. You might not know the brand or category, but you know language, product, and platform.
 4. Fan: You can sing the lyrics, but you need to work on the tune. You know product and platform, but you need to deepen your skills to become a Rockstar.

Each level has a defined access and authorisation to use various features and functions of our products. This ensures that users are suitably qualified for the same reason that pilots do.

Well, not really the *same* reason, but close. Same same, but different.

All Rockstars, Roadies, Groupies and Fans are required to re-Xertify regularly. Our products, and the landscape in which we operate, is changing constantly. We all need to keep up.

Where do I sign?

All of the Lexer team are Xertified.

Our current clients are in the process.

We’ve opened Xertification exclusively to our clients and partners.

It’s our way of making sure that the performance of any user of our products is consistently and simply brilliant.

Just like any world class rockstar.