Lexceptional News

Lexceptional News


We’ve been talking about Google’s recent announcement.

You may have heard of, or used Facebook’s custom audience targeting service. Google’s is kinda like that, but available across their broad reaching ad network.

Guess what?

Despite the obvious targeting benefits, this is a step towards Google fighting the elephant in the online ad revenue room — impression and click fraud — a problem that some say is worth north of $6.3 billion per annum.

All things considered, it’s a very brave move by Google.

So what?

Importantly it’s *lexceptional* news for Lexer clients.

It means they can action their Lexer enriched Identities to target ads and messaging across the Google ad network.

Imagine a world of relevance across every channel of communication:
Paid, owned, earned. Online, offline.


Thanks to Google, Lexer’s rockstar clients can now action their enriched Identities across the biggest ad network in the planet. Join us on our mission to kill irrelevant sales, service and support communications.

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You’re welcome.