Interning at Lexer

Interning at Lexer


I’m a Research and Insights intern at one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the Southern Hemisphere.

With no shortage of graduates stepping out into the communications industry, we are taught to have fairly low expectations of our early employment experiences. While this is a pretty cynical outlook, it teaches us to work exceptionally hard and focus on identifying our talents, trusting our struggles will lead us to a better tomorrow and a more impressive email signature.

The unflattering before picture

In the rich tapestry of jobs we all must experience before landing a gig in our chosen field, I’ve been a waitress, tutor, baked goods minion, nanny and embattled children’s pantomime performer.

Four years ago, I made my industry debut as a fresh faced first year with a dream of becoming the next employed communications graduate.

In that time, my work experience placements have seen me organising Friday drinks fridges by alcohol content; being known only as the “brown-haired intern” for upwards of six months; and cringing at the visceral sting of a paper cut to the tongue after a day of sealing event invites. I learned that next time, I’m going to use a moistened sponge.

It hasn’t been all bad

I’ve also been lucky enough to gain a stack of invaluable experiences with incredible people, all of which led to me landing a fantastic job here at Lexer HQ in Melbourne.


Is a place that rewards talent and grit.

The team work hard to foster a sense of belonging for everyone regardless of their job title — in fact, we don’t really have those.

Every day I am challenged to learn and grow with the business, through work that is valuable, immersive and rollickingly entertaining.
I’m encouraged to evolve my talents into superpowers, all while Gizmo, our canine office guardian, luxuriates on my lap.

Sound like fun?

We are always looking for new talent as the business expands and our old interns become our new team members.

Say hello at and find out how you can join the party. Here’s some of the roles we’re looking for right now.