High Performance Personalisation

High Performance Personalisation


We won another Identify client.

A large Australian business committed to building an enriched Identity of every Australian citizen in order to kill irrelevance across their omni/multi/every channel messaging.

Guess what?

Our new client believes that (one to > one) is an offence.
It’s rude.
It’s wasteful.
It’s disrespectful.
Our client believes that it’s offensive to deliver customers an experience that isn’t personalised — no matter what channel they’re reached in.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks our Enrichment Platform will:
1. Load: all relevant Public and Proprietary data
2. Unify: the disparate sources to form Identities
3. Enhance: the Identities with additional attributes
4. Store: this data securely

Concurrently we will integrate the Enrichment Platform with the ad-serving, CMS, email, mobile app and other products that deliver paid and owned media.
All of this will enable our client to deliver High Performance Personalisation.


“High performance personalisation isn’t creepy. It’s nirvana.”
It’s so refreshing to hear this from our new client.
We like Nirvana too.