Frisky is Risky

Frisky is Risky

One day…

An ASX listed client told us a story. We leant forward as they began with two words.

“Free Sex”.

Guess What?

Every so-often a random twitter account would advertise “free sex” with a specific location and time.

Lexer is all about free love, however that location was frequently a bathroom on one of our client’s properties.

Not the sort of ‘exposure’ they were after.


These planned encounters posed serious risks to our client, including security, safety, reputation and hygiene…


The Lexer support team immediately configured Lexer Listen to monitor every mention of “free sex” (and similar terms…), combined with any of the related locations.

Listen’s instant notifications feature was setup to alert the national security manager, in real time, when any results came in.

So the trap was set…

It didn’t take long — a tweet was published; Lexer Listen detected it and an instant notification alerted the security manager via text message.

The security team were dispatched and the frolickers foiled.

Know, now.

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