Data Due Diligence

Data Due Diligence


We met with one of the largest Private Equity firms in the world. With 20 offices, 200+ staff and doing 30–40 deals a year, they recognise that using data in new ways can help them master the art of buying, growing and selling companies.

Guess what?

They’re looking to invest in a fast growing global retail brand. As a part of the due diligence process they were eager to understand how non-traditional data sources and tools can help them calculate, justify and manage their investment.


We suggested a solution using Lexer’s Enrichment Platform and Action Cloud to add a whole new dimension to the art and science of investment decisions.

It’s a solution we call Data Due Diligence (DDD).

Data Due Diligence

Listen: Using Lexer Listen with data from public sources like social, news, blogs and forums, study the industry, competitors, influencers, executives and other key performance indicators in real time and over time.

Enrich: Deploy Lexer’s Enrichment Platform to Load, Unify, Enhance and Secure social, CRM and other proprietary sources to provide a holistic data universe.

Identify: Use Lexer Identify to discover and test hypotheses, group customers, prospects, staff and others into Tribes for rapid assessment.

Impact: A new perspective that the competition doesn’t have. It’s introduced a fundamental change to their transaction process, and a new method of valuation for the investment community. It’s early days, but Lexer are pleased to support the growth of Data Due Diligence in any undertaking.