Citizen Relationship Management

Citizen Relationship Management

 Every large enterprise on the planet must stop thinking about customers.
And start thinking about everyone — citizens.


The current state of CRM strategy is failing to acknowledge the fact that people exist outside of their transactions with a company.

CRM data is only ever updated after an interaction with a customer.

So, all the things people are outside of their status as “customers”: Mothers, small dog enthusiasts, people trying to get fit, people who like art; end up on the cutting room floor.


Citizens are those mums, dog owners, gym junkies, art nerds.
Humans. They live in the real world, not just a database.

Citizens are in a constant process of performing identity on social media: telling the world about who they are, the groups they belong to and the ones they want to join in the future.

So sure, the churn date of a customer may be interesting, but the social media accounts of a citizen might be even more valuable.


Citizen Relationship Management

Every citizen is, was, or could be a customer of most enterprise organisations.

Where customers are defined by an existing relationship with a brand, citizens are the brand’s past, present and future.

This is why Lexer are helping to change the definition of Customer Relationship Marketing to what we call Citizen Relationship Management.

Citizen Relationship Management is an approach which acknowledges the person behind the data.

It seeks to understand not just a person’s connection with a brand, but the way they relate to the wider world.

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