Finding Cadence

Finding Cadence

Startups can sometimes move so fast the task at hand becomes dealing with their own success.

If you wanted to know what that sounds like, think the screech of milk burning on a coffee machine; if you want to know what it looks like, think about the sinking face of an enthusiastic labrador that has waded out too deep at the beach.


Unlike the plight of the milk and the labrador, the word “cadence” describes reaching a pace and maintaining it.

Fans of classical music will recognise it in a particular arrangement of a song, art lovers might see it in a set of brush strokes and even the cycling pro uses it to judge an effective peddling rate.


Sashay away

“Cadence” is also a really popular word in the US startup scene, often used to describe an awesome organisational operating rhythm.

We like it a lot here at Lexer, it’s that tip of the tongue word for the way we structure our work.

Logistically, we organise our year around things called sprints: 3 week long hives of activity framed by specific goals. At the end of each sprint is usually a deployment: an update, improvement, polish-not-spit-shine of our Action Cloud and Enrichment Platform.

Interestingly, the number three is an important one in waltz rhythm (3/4 time signature), and like the waltz, our sprints are characterised not by a mad dash, but a steady, reassured sashay to the finish line.

Startup and never slow down

Moving at an effective, constant pace is part of a startup’s DNA.

This eye for progress makes Lexer an entertaining place to work, as a constantly evolving company where no two days are ever the same. In the last 12 months, the Lexer team nearly tripled in size. We also opened two new bases in Sydney and New York.

And guess what? We’re always looking for new faces to add to our growing team/3pm trivia brains trust.

Find out more about how you can join the team here.