Bot or not?

Bot or not?

Online ad fraud is costing advertisers $7.2 billion per year.

Yes, it’s a cost in the triple comma club.

A study of 1,300 campaigns from 2015 has shown that up to 37% of ad impressions were fraudulent (loaded by bots which go through websites with the aim of driving impressions that never get seen).

The 37% is up from 22% in a similar study of campaigns in 2014.

Rage Against the Machine

Not all ads are equal — programmatic ad impressions are 14% more likely to be fraudulent, and programmatic video 73% more likely.

The ad fraud problem isn’t new, but it continues to be ignored in a world where ad-blocking is much easier to understand and shout about.

What gets forgotten is that when a user blocks an ad, the advertiser isn’t charged. When an ad-fraud bot “sees” an ad, the advertiser is charged.

What are we doing about it?

Given the significant increase in ad fraud from studies like this, it’s worth advertisers understanding just how big the problem is, and what publishers and agencies are doing to combat it.

One antidote to this is using Lexer Identify to power paid, owned and earned media content. With Identify, Lexer clients have the ability to only ever serve messages to known Identities/humans.

Please explain?

Lexer Identify is made up of Identities: around 200 million humans we have loaded, unified, enhanced and securely stored data about. Data about a person is unified with over 400m public, proprietary and private data sources, so we can speedily ascertain bot from not.

In a sense, Lexer checks their backstory. Humans have mobile numbers, addresses, email, Twitter accounts, places in company databases and bricks and mortar. The bot does not.

By lassoing all this information together, Identify presents clients with Tribes of living, breathing humans.


How dramatically this process can ensure ROI…

Ads are delivered to a citizen of the universe, not just a cookie, ad ID or email address.

We’d love to talk more about how you can beat the bots with Lexer Identify– drop us a line here and we’ll reply quick smart.