Big Data vs. Human Data

Big Data vs. Human Data

In the SaaS industry, Big Data is the mother of all marketing buzzwords.

Palms sweat and hearts race as companies crane their necks and shield their squinty eyes at its beauty and its terror.

As if to match Big Data’s rambunctious scale, many software providers are promoting an equally massive array of offerings. But how often do providers who promise to do everything, actually deliver on this?

After all, a one-stop-shop can quickly turn into a mournful power walk through the supermarket looking for your mum.



Lexer have spent a great deal of time discussing our future: How do we define ourselves? What are, and aren’t we going to do? How are we going to achieve it?

Our thoughts have been driven by the need to focus on a more specific proposition. To reduce the list of solutions from many to few.

While we deal in Big Data, we’re really more interested in Human Data: data that originates in people. So, we developed one platform designed to deliver Human Data for genuine engagement.

So what does human data really mean?

Here at Lexer, we provide companies with tools to power effective automation, engagement, analysis and reporting of Human Data. Each day billions of people use the internet to tell a story about their lives. These stories manifest in a plethora of data points. Our Enrichment Platform loads this data and unifies it with additional sources to deliver an enriched profile of the people a company seeks to engage with, and everyone else too.

Because every human is, was or could be a customer.

And how does it power genuine engagement?

Our clients are using Human Data to deliver genuine engagement with customers and known prospects.

Armed with an unprecedented level of insight about the people who matter most to their brand, they’re delivering high performance personalisation in their marketing strategies and empathy in their customer service interactions. They are shifting their internal discourse from subjective and grey to objective and black and white.

A spray and pray approach, to a tailored targeted one.

Switching from SaaS spaghetti to SaaS simplicity.

Big, to Human.