Being Human

Being Human

Human Data

Lexer is on a quest to Humanise data.


Is made up of billions of little points of information.

At the scale of data that we deal with, it can be easy to forget that all data is human. Each and every point of data we hold has been created by a human interacting with the world around them.


Drives every aspect of our business. From recognising the sources of our data, through to how we approach working with our clients.


Load, unify, enrich and store human data.
Give our clients access to dashboards that are designed for humans.
Deliver surprisingly exceptional service by simply caring and being human.

Human is…

Our guiding principle of design.
How we make sense of the world around us.
How we do business.
How we behave towards each other and our clients.
Our approach to service.
Breaking down barriers.
Where we start, and where we finish, every decision.

Human Analytics.

Human data, for humans, by humans.