User-generated content

5 ways to leverage User-generated content

Each day people turn to social media to tell stories about the brands they love and the products they buy.

The result? A wealth of User-generated content (UGC) ripe for insight and activation.

Here’s 5 reasons why leveraging this content is important.

1.The cost

UGC is taking the leg-work out of content creation.

As a bit of a fitspiration destination, the Instagram feed of Aussie Athleisure giant, Style Runner is almost primarily made up of UGC. This is echoed in product previews on their online store, which include fan and influencer contributed imagery of the piece put to test in real life.
Keeping the Style Runner set caffeinated, Melbourne’s Matcha Mylkbar is another great example of this approach, cultivating an incredibly popular social following simply by reposting customer snaps with lovely shoutouts thanking them for the visit.

While it takes effort to curate this content, it’s a cost effective approach to content marketing that keeps up with the scrolling thumb.

2. Compelling brand experiences

Leveraging UGC can be particularly powerful in connecting the digital with the real.

With analytics tools like the Lexer Action Cloud, Marketers can geofence content originating from a certain location. Using this data, they can then display UGC in the very environment it was created in. 

So, as a customer posts a selfie of a new purchase in-store, they could see that content displayed on a shopping centre plasma screen, with a thank you from the brand for popping by.

It’s that special ‘look that’s me’ feeling, just like being featured on the big screen in Times Square or Takeshita Dori.

3. Community insight

Customers often use products in ways you don’t expect.

Kmart has attracted some spectacular content recently from customers showcasing their styling prowess with low cost furniture purchases.

Instagram posts see quilts transformed into wall tapestries, kitchen jars transfigured into terrariums and even the humble door stop elevated into coveted coffee table art.

Thrifty ingenuity at its finest, this content serves as fabulous inspiration for future marketing strategies and provides fantastic insight into how customers are finding value in the products they buy. 


4. Content ideas

Content Marketing is set to become a $300 billion industry by 2019. With more time and resources being pooled into this area, generating measurable ROI from the words we write is a central concern for the modern content producer.

So instead of clickbait, why not write about topics and issues directly relevant to your audience’s experience of the world around them?

Use the stories people are telling about your brand to craft relevant content about what matters most to them this second.

5. Asset traffic

Curate content so it sits on your own online assets, not just Social Media sites.

Today, many retailers offer the “Shop Insta” option, whereby the social team regram a piece of UGC and encourage followers to shop the look on their online store.

It’s a savvy way of leveraging UGC that drives traffic directly to a real world purchase opportunity.

Lexer  Curate

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Tie content to an event ✔

Create a virtual community around a real world event, displaying content people are creating nearby.

We’d love to show you how Lexer Curate can help you celebrate User-generated content.

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