360° customer view and You

360° customer view

The most hotly contested terms on Google Adwords are a telling representation of en vogue SaaS lingo.

One of the industry’s most expensive cost-per-clicks is the phrase “360-degree customer view”, the process of centralising each point of data a company holds about a customer to inspire a more comprehensive understanding of what makes them tick.

Unfortunately, conversations with companies who claim to have achieved a 360-degree customer view are temporarily awkward following one question:
What are people doing outside of their interactions with your brand?

And generally ceased with a second:
Who are the people that aren’t interacting with your brand at all?

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A win for data curation, not for actionable insight

CRM data is only ever updated upon customer interaction, meaning to a company, a person only exists within their interactions with company products and services.

As a result of centralising data, companies who claim to have a 360-degree customer view usually know lots about these interactions, but not the people they have them with.

This is compounded in an industry like the Automotive service sector, where customers may only interact with a company for a couple of days every few years– especially if happy with their purchase.

A wealth of customer interaction information may be injected into the database a couple of times per decade, but otherwise, CRM tumbleweeds.

Coming full circle

To truly achieve a true and comprehensive view of the people they seek to sell to, service and save, companies need to recognise that Customer data is simply an aggregation of information about company interactions, not a useful summary of the person at the other end of the conversation.


How about we establish an outside-in view of customers, one that recognises, records and reports insights from beyond the company?

Actually, while we’re at it:

How about we maintain a real-time Identity of everyone that is, was or could be a customer?

Transform Customer data into Citizen data — Information about everybody, everywhere.

So we did!

The Lexer Enrichment Platform unifies exisiting CRM information with all other accessible sources of data to deliver a truly comprehensive and real time view of every relevant citizen.

These citizen Identities are interrogated and actioned within Lexer Identify, a data visualisation and activation tool that’s so simple it’s even survived septuagenarian user testing.

While you were sleeping

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