Lexer Listen

Detect signals and trends on social media with a dynamic bird’s-eye view of objects from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and millions of Blogs, Forums & News Sites.

With enhanced risk notifications, highly customisable search filters and support for foreign languages, Lexer Listen turns up the volume on the stories your team needs to hear.

Lexer Listen’s Benefits

Unlimited & Fast

Consume all the social media content your company requires in realtime with unlimited groups and filters.

Aggregate & Analyse

Get instant access to detailed analysis of social media content through time, topic, geography and source charts and graphs.

Deep Dive

Cut through spam and complex topics using layered filters to search by time, language, theme, links, author and location.

Secured Access

Lexer protects your account with two-factor authentication, security groups, audit logging and integrated social customer service.

Stay Notified

Keep on top of critical social topics at all times with trending, realtime and scheduled notifications and alerts via Email or SMS.

Login Anywhere

Lexer Listen works perfectly on your mobile, tablet or desktop with no restriction on features or simplicity.
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Use Cases & Stories

Complete Feature List

  • Assign classifications to objects
  • Audit & Usage Logs
  • Author searching
  • Basic object workflow
  • Boolean text searching
  • Bulk assign workflow
  • Bulk classify
  • Chart mentions by date
  • Chart mentions by time
  • Chart mentions by geography
  • Chart mentions by source
  • Chart mentions by topic
  • Create screens in Lexer Command
  • Customised Training & Onboarding
  • Display Authors by Influence
  • Display Authors by Engagement
  • Embedded media
  • Export to CSV
  • Geographic region searching
  • Group by company departments
  • Instant Notifications
  • Integrate multiple Facebook Pages
  • Integrate multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Integrate multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Integrate Yammer
  • Integrated Social Customer Service
  • Integration with Lexer Identify
  • Link & Media searching
  • Mobile & Tablet dashboard
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Multi-language Support
  • Realtime Trend notifications
  • Respond to content via Lexer Engage
  • Save dives for future use
  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Sort objects by date
  • Sort objects by Influence
  • Source searching
  • Tiered Filtering
  • Many, many more…