Lexer Identify

Company data is only updated when a customer engages with you and your systems.

So who are your customers outside of their interaction with your brand? And what of the prospects who you have no data on at all?

Powered by the Lexer Enrichment Platform, Lexer Identify unites company data and unifies it with millions of other sources to create living, breathing Identities of each customer and prospect.

Human Data for genuine engagement.

360º View, Single Customer View… Human Data.

As Humans, certain traits unite us and set us apart.

Lexer Identify contains hundreds of millions of Identities, each defined by thousands of live, constantly updated attributes telling stories of our consumerism, life-stage, behaviour, attitudes and demographics.

Our Enrichment Platform unifies your customer data with public, proprietary and partner data to produce the most comprehensive single customer view, 360º view, Human Data destination possible.

Lexer Identify visualises these Identities and their attributes, offering a wealth of potential engagement opportunities informed by live behavioural data.

Companies are deploying Lexer Identify throughout their organisation to drive a data first operating culture placing Human Data at the heart of their organisation.

Customers and prospects are enjoying highly tailored brand experiences informed by what makes them tick and what makes them click.

Driving Data-Driven Cultures

Lexer are on a quest to redefine what it means to be data-driven.

Realtime CRM

Current CRM is updated on customer interaction. Lexer Identify delivers a 360° customer view of each human’s interaction with your brand, and everything else.

Enriched DMP

Go well beyond the capability of your current DMP by unifying Email, Mobile, CRM, Cookie, Retail, Wifi and Social data.

Segments of one

The holy grail of one-to-one marketing is within your reach with thousands of new opportunities to personalise and target via Lexer Identify.

Easy Activation

With a growing list of integrations, Lexer Identify allows your team to connect and activate in realtime using the complete suite of unified & enriched data.

Seeing is believing

Watch how easy it is to use Lexer Identify to query, analyse and capitalise upon a tribe across your company’s platforms.

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Genuine Engagement

Democratise access to company data with a tool that brings together everybody, everywhere.

  • CRM
  • Call Centre
  • Display & DMP
  • Email & Live Chat
  • Engagement
  • Environmental
  • Government
  • Mobile
  • POS & Transaction
  • Partnered
  • Private Social
  • Product
  • Public Social
  • Survey & Panel
  • Website & Tag
  • WiFi & Beacon



Lexer maintains a growing list of turnkey integrations with industry-leading business platforms to streamline the setup and day to day maintenance of business data flow.

Identify API

Lexer Identify is built upon a realtime API allowing business systems, partners or apps to securely read and write to the Identity data held by Lexer.

Bespoke Data

Business data can often be harder to access than you’d like. Lexer simplifies the process through bespoke data handling and other essential services.


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