Lexer Engage

Powering the Social Customer Service and Proactive Marketing efforts of many leading consumer brands, Lexer Engage helps companies genuinely engage with customers and leads through social media.

Supercharge productivity with streamlined workflow and reporting metrics and empower your team to be more human with a realtime profile of the person at the other end of the conversation.




The Lexer Engage Flow



Rich search capabilities paired with our priority sorting help your team to quickly sort and tag objects for immediate action without having to deal with spam.


Work collaboratively with easy-to-use workflow tools to assign owners, states & classifications. Spend less time on triaging and more time on crafting the response.




Write highly relevant, customer-centric content with data from Lexer Identify using our native-like content creation tools and a dynamic brand content library.


Call centre-like reporting capabilities make your team a band of Data Rockstars with realtime team SLAs, trends and classifications – all visualised, searchable and exportable.

Chatbot Integration

We’ve provided the ability to integrate any chatbot into Lexer Engage to enable your bots to be more responsive, personal and timely.

Eliminate double-up

Nothing is worse, or weirder for customers than a conversation being handled by a customer service agent and a chatbot simultaneously.

Unlike many chatbot experiences, our chatbot API only assigns conversations to your team when they’re ready for them to action – removing the poor experience of double handling.

Seamless handover

When service agents have taken over, they need to be able to see the entire conversation history to deliver an informed response and a continuous customer experience.

Within Lexer Engage, agents immediately see all previous interactions between the customer and the brand, whether that be chatbot or service agent.

Holistic reporting

Teams need to understand their performance, response times and requests to identify how they can optimise the experience. 

Lexer Engage enables managers to analyse and benchmark chatbots against each other and your agents. This enables you to optimise the workflow, identify pain points and scope out opportunities to improve.

Lexer NPS

Today, 83% of customers turn to digital channels for customer service, so there’s a huge opportunity to differentiate your brand in the market by delivering genuine social customer care, and Lexer NPS is here to help you define exactly what that is.

Seek feedback

Send through NPS surveys within the body of responses on social and attribute scores to individual customers.

Use a full history of previous engagements and past NPS scores to deliver an informed, authentic response.

Drive Performance

Report on team and individual performance, identify opportunities to improve customer care and benchmark against other service channels.

Use these insights to show why the future of customer care is social.

Segment by NPS

Analyse a customer’s NPS score alongside other attributes like their customer spend, brand engagement, interests and life stages.

Use this data to power segmentation and targeting to engage current and prospective customers.

Engage in action

View a quick demo on using Lexer Engage to tag, triage and respond to customers and prospects and supercharge social customer care.

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Our Favourite Features

Work as a Team

Comprehensive workflow, classification, ownership, messaging and approval tools empower growing teams and great results.

Unlimited & Fast

Consume all the content your company requires in realtime with unlimited content, groups and filters.

Know your Customer

Lexer Engage integrates with Lexer Identify, ensuring your team has the right context to make the best connection.

Deep Dive

Cut through spam and complex topics using layered filters to search by time, language, terms, links, author and location.

Reporting & SLAs

Rich, integrated reporting capabilities to maintain SLAs, KPIs and visibility on team quality and security.

Secured Access

Lexer protects your account with two-factor authentication, security groups, audit logging and integrated customer service.


  • Approval workflow
  • Assign classifications to objects
  • Audit & Usage Logs
  • Auto-Prioritisation of Objects
  • Basic object workflow
  • Boolean text searching
  • Bulk assign workflow
  • Bulk classify
  • Content & Media Library
  • Link shortening with Bit.ly
  • Create & share drafts
  • Customisable Classifications
  • Customisable User Permissions
  • Customised Training & Onboarding
  • Detailed Author insight
  • Embedded media
  • Full context view of Objects
  • Full Conversation History
  • Image upload
  • Instant & Scheduled Notifications
  • Integrate multiple Facebook Pages
  • Integrate multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Integrate multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Integrate Yammer
  • Integrated Customer Service
  • Integration with Lexer Command
  • Integration with Lexer Identify
  • Integration with Lexer Listen
  • Like, Share and Follow tools
  • Mobile & Tablet dashboard
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Native-Like Content Creation
  • Scheduled posts
  • SLA Metrics & Reporting
  • Social Account Security
  • Sort objects by date
  • Sort objects by Influence
  • Set up multiple User Accounts


Use Cases & Stories