Lexer Command

Share social media insights company-wide with configurable, beautiful dashboards accessible on any web-enabled device.

Embrace a data-first operating culture with highly customisable visualisations of success, opportunity and risk in realtime.



Data-Driven Simplicity




Create Dives or Tribes in Lexer Listen, Engage or Identify for use in any Lexer Command Screen.


Create and customise Command Screens with graphs, charts and tables modelling social data in dynamic, interesting ways.


Publish the Command Screen for distribution on one or many devices, and update it at any time.


Save snapshots of the Command Screen for later review, comparisons and exports.

Feature List

Multi-Device Ready

Lexer Command supports presentation on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops & Large Displays
  • API to extract Lexer data
  • Author Tables & Charts
  • Integration with Lexer Engage
  • Integration with Lexer Listen
  • Integration with Lexer Identify


Rely on the complete configuration and realtime data provided by Lexer Listen, Engage & Identify
  • Live or Static presentation of social media data
  • Media Charts
  • Remote manage Screen Content
  • Save Snapshots for later use
  • Share embeddable charts


Dashboards that tell a story through a range of data visualisation opportunities. No two screens will ever be the same.
  • Source Tables & Charts
  • Topic Tables & Charts
  • Unlimited Screens, Charts & Tables
  • Volume Charts
  • Many, many more…


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